7 Ways To Rock The Beetlejuice Look

Say his name three times and he appears! That’s right, this week we’re totally feeling Beetlejuice vibes. Vertical black and white striped outfits are a great way to make a statement. Beetlejuice’s stripy outfits are fantastic for Halloween, going out and everyday clothing. Without further ado, here are ten ways to rock the Beetlejuice look:

1. Official Beetlejuice Logo shirt

An adorable blouse with an adorable sandworm design. This shirt from EMP is perfect for most offices so that you can put a little bit of Beetlejuice into your workwear.

View on EMP

2. Brace Yourself Stripy Skirt

Brace yourself for mayhem! This adorable stripy skirt is perfect when paired with vest-tops or woolly jumpers.

View on EMP

3. Handbook For The Recently Deceased Necklace

For those who aren’t entirely down with the stripy motif, then this necklace may help your Beetlejuice needs. The necklace is based on the handbook that the Maitlands are giving when they die.

View on EMP

4. Striped Gathered Waist Dress

Fancy going stripy? This dress from Boohoo would look brilliant with a black blazer and a corset belt.

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5. Black Contrast Stripe Bandeau Midi Dress

Heading out for a night out? Or going on holiday? This gorgeous Midi dress from Pretty Little Thing may be just what you need. A Black or White Bolero jacket or a blazer will complete this look.

View On Pretty Little Thing

6. Banned Apparel – White Stripe Skinny Jeans

These stripy skinny jeans are a great way to rock the Beetlejuice vibe. Pair with the Beetlejuice blouse above or a plain black or white top for the best results.

View On Egg N Chips Clothing

7. Black Stripe Tie Waist Shirt Dress

Keep as a dress or pair with Jeans or leggings, and this gorgeous dress is brilliant for any occasion.

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8. Beetlejuice Black and White Striped Sandworm Border

This gorgeous handmade skirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.With stripe and sand worm detailing, it’s a great way to show your love for Beetlejuice.

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